10 Fashion Mistakes

This article will explore some of the most common fashion mistakes made by women, from mixing prints to PJ’s in public. If you have any comments to make or something you have seen that fits this article feel free to leave a comment. If you like what you see check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel; the link can be found at the bottom of the page

1) Over accessorising

Yes ladies there is such thing as too much bling. We love to see someone making an effort and what you look like is important, but maybe piling on the bling is sending the wrong message. Making an effort doesn’t mean putting on every single piece of jewellery in your box , I guess in some way it shows you’re making an effort because just putting on one clasp of a necklace and bracelet is enough for me. If you have a habit of over loading the bling to make a statement, try this tip; wear one statement piece, the rest should just be small trinkets. Doing this helps send a message that isn’t “I’m a Mr T wanna be”. Simplicity is key

2) Showing too much skin

As we’ve seen skin is still in, but there is a limit. An inch or two too much could easily change the look of your entire outfit from stylish to trashy or appropriate to inappropriate.  When choosing your outfit you need to consider all the factors; age appropriate, occasion and your style.

Lets expand on the factors:

Age appropriate. We have all seen young teens dressing up, maybe showing off a little to much or dressing older than they are however, age appropriate goes both ways. Always take this in to consideration, take a second to think is this age appropriate?

Occasion. Always take this in to consideration as something that is work appropriate definitely isn’t the same as something party appropriate. Make sure to think about where you would wear the outfit.

Your style. This is important as we all know styles that suit one body type don’t suit all, pick outfits that complements your unique body shape. This doesn’t mean stop wearing a particular item just because someone else looks better in it than you. Take into consideration your personal style preference.

what ever you wear, wear it with confidence

3) Over filling a handbag

This is something I’m sure we have all done or still do. If you have a habit of over filling your bag with thing you don’t even need here are some useful tips.

First do routine clean outs, this prevents carrying things around all day that you just don’t need.

Before putting something in your bag just ask your self do I really need this?

Maybe invest in a smaller bag (not tiny just smaller). I have a habit of always having a big bag with me and half the time I only need six main things; pen, note book, purse, make-up bag, phone & charger. I found that by investing in a medium sized bag, I now only carry what I really need.

4) Choosing the wrong heels

Your probably thinking how do you choose the wrong heels but it’s actually a very common problem. As we all know; the shoes finish of the outfit, so choosing the right shoes are important, even more so when choosing your heels. Too high of a heel for the occasion/ function can make your whole outfit look cheap or impractical, we all know heels are impractical if they are too high however, it can be a similar issue if the heels are to short. Wearing short heels with a certain outfit can risk making you look clumsy instead of classy. So when picking your heels you want to find that sweet spot in-between.

5) Too much print

Prints are a cute way to improve your look but don’t over do it. It’s similar to picking your accessories. You want to focus on one thing and have that as your statement piece you don’t want to mix prints, as that often causes the prints to clash and you look very busy which is never a good look.

6) There’s a difference between too big and oversized

I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves to buy a hoodies in a size or two up, mainly as it’s cosy right? That’s okay because come on…… Do we really wear them anywhere except in the house? It’s an issue when people buy t-shirts in sizes bigger than they need just because they like it oversized, em no! Oversized t-shirts are designed differently which means you won’t end up with arms holes the size of your head like when you simply buy one in a bigger size. So motto of the story is: Oversized is not just a bigger size.

7) PJ’s in public

I’m going to say this now, this is never okay, just don’t do it. I get that if you are just popping up to the shop you don’t really want to get dressed up but that doesn’t mean go to the shop in the clothes you sleep in. It takes literally 5 minutes (if that) to put on a pair of leggings, a t-shirt and some trainers; its comfy and it’s NOT your bed clothes.

Do-You but don’t Do-You, in pyjamas, in public.  

8) Visible pantie line

This is never a good look.  If  your clothing of choice is a thin fabric that clings to every bump then it will definitely pick up your pantie line, it’s about a certain as an X-ray picking up a broken bone. To avoid this embarrassing issue; pick your underwear carefully. Sheer clothing will show your pantie line, anything white is a good example of clothing being sheer, if you do have this issue; try to wear nude underwear.

9) Mixing metals

This might not seem much of an issue to many of you but it really is. You should never wear two different coloured metals when wearing jewellery its either one or the other. Here’s something else to consider; if the shoes you are wearing with your outfit have a buckle, then that’s the colour to match your jewellery to. It might sound picky but these small details say a lot about an outfit and about you.

10) Washing jeans as often as normal clothes

This is a mistake. Jeans shouldn’t be washed as often as you do the rest of your laundry as denim jeans are made to fit to our bodies Over washing them can often cause the material to stretch and sag meaning they no longer flatter the figure.

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