How often should I replace my makeup?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. In this article you will be finding out exactly when you should be replacing your favourite makeup items.

Mascara Maybelline New York volume express

You should be replacing your mascara every three months to prevent infections. You may be surprised just how much bacteria likes to hide in your mascara tubes. Usually your mascara has dried up in this time anyway, but if it hasn’t and you have had it for 3 months or more its best to toss it. Better to spend a few extra quid on a new pretty tube of mascara than on some eye drops prescribed by your doctor, don’t you think?

Eyeshadow Best-eyeshadow-palettes

You should be replacing your powder eyeshadow every two years however cream eyeshadows should be replaced every year. Powder eyeshadows do last longer than their cream counterparts but be aware of bacteria than can often develop when you use your eyeshadow powders daily. To get the most out of your powder eyeshadows, make sure to clean your brush regularly to help defend against bacteria build up. Eye infections once again, are definitely not a good look.

Eyeliner Types-of-Eyeliners2

You should be replacing your eyeliner every six months to a year. Gel or liquid liners should be replaced every six months to avoid infections. However eyeliner pencil and retractable pens have a longer life, this is because they are often getting  sharpened and worn down, but if you haven’t used them up by the time there 1st year roles around then unfortunately it’s time to toss.


Tossing foundation has never been an issue for me as normally I’ve used it up, however if you haven’t used your foundation3foundation within a year then its time for the toss. After a year, many of the foundation’s pigments and elements start to separate, making the makeup watery and harder to apply. Here a little tip to help you get the most out of your foundation; try to keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, this helps to prevent the elements separating.

Concealer concealer

Concealer is very similar to foundation, only with stronger coverage so it shouldn’t surprise you when I say they have the same replacement dates. Concealer should be replaced after a year as applying with a brush, sponge or by finger it transfers bacteria back to the product and as I’m sure you all know bacteria is a contributing factor to spots. I know I can speak for many people when I say spots are a real pain even with the best concealers.

Blush and Bronzer blusher

Blush and Bronzer should be replaced every two years. This is because they don’t contain any oil or water meaning they have a longer life than most other cosmetics. You are more likely to run out of your Blush or Bronzer before you have to toss it. Although these two products are not prone to bacteria build up, make sure to frequently clean your brushes.


Lipstick is one of my favourite cosmetic as it has the ability to change the theme of an entire look. You should make sure to replace your lipsticks every year; before they start to break down to the point where it becomes hard to apply and beads often start to form on the bullet. At this point its best to toss it and buy new.


Lip Gloss Maybelline-Lip-Gloss-Baby-Lips-A-Wink-Of-Pink-041554453751-O

Lip Gloss should be replaced every six months to a year as bacteria starts to build up on the applicator. However good news to those of you who have Lip Gloss in a squeeze tube as those can be kept for closer to a year because they have less chance of bacteria growth.





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