Spring/Summer Fashion Trends: You Need To Know

As we all know fashion can be very predictable,  trends change with the wind but often rise again in due time.  I’m going to share with you some fashion trend that are perfect for the spring/summer.


Bralettes are often cropped tops, essentially they are a bra that is usually seen rather than covered up this is why it resembles a cropped top. Bralettes are perfect for the summer season as they are light, cute and can be styled in different ways below re just a few examples of how to style your bralette.


Now I’m not a girl that’s loves pink, but everyone at owns that one fuchsia item, even if it is trying to get to Narnia at the back of  your wardrobe. Wherever that one pink item is its time to drag it out cause this years in colour for 2017 is fuchsia.



Just when we thought see through fabrics were making there way out they appear again. The issue with sheer fabric is very few people know how to style this unique number. Here are a few unique ways to style your sheer fabrics.


Slogan T-shirts are here to stay! These classic T’s have got to be everyone’s go to thing, that plain white slogan T , Blue jeans and trainers its just that classic no effort but look good style perfect for the spring/summer season.



For those of you who don’t life floral prints, stripes are a fun stylish way to go. Stripes are a good way to add some pattern to an otherwise boring outfit, the pattern can also be very slimming when printed vertically. I don’t know about you but I avoid horizontal stripes like they are the plague. So here are some fun stylish ways to style with stripes.



Its on everything, from dresses to jackets and you will never want to take it off. Embroidery is beautiful and a good way to add some beauty to a outfit . Embroidery is a good way to show of your unique personality, as there are so many different styles of embroidery.


LivChic:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCshvTw0FHYiAoGKiWD8DqVQ/featured



Author: livchic

I'm 17 with a passion for social media, fashion and beauty.

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